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Congratulations, you've just endured what’s considered one of life’s top stress-inducers: purchasing a home! The good news is you’ll be stress-free and cozy in a place that you've worked hard for. But not so fast. The house hunt may be over, the offer accepted and the closing date set, but there is still work to be done before busting out the champagne. Here are six lesser-known, pre-closing steps to be aware of.

1. Plan Your Repairs Now

Rarely do home buyers find a house in mint condition or just to their liking. In the likelihood you do need repair work done on your new home, you don’t need to wait until the house closes to obtain bids from general contractors and other home repair specialists. It’s always a good idea to have repairs done before

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Look no further! This like-new condo is an income producing investment that has it all.
Nestled in a gated community & showcasing endless amenities including a sparkling pool,
sports court, patio areas, gym & club house. The tidy living room opens to the kitchen/dining area gleaming with
an extended granite eating bar, tile flooring, & pendent lighting. 
Convenience of a guest half bath as well as in-house utility room featuring extra storage.
The Upstairs you will find roomy bedrooms, each with a private bath & walk in closet.
Relax on the balcony overlooking a secluded wooded area. Wolf Pen Amphitheater, park, & nature trails all within walking…
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The words ‘home security’ are often associated with installing an expensive protection system. But that doesn’t have to be the case! These do-it-yourself tips will help you get your home protected in seven quick steps. Make this your weekend project and feel safe and secure in your home.

  1. Install Motion Detector Lights. Chances are your wiring is already in place, making this a simple project. Make sure to install the lights on every side of your home, not just the front porch.

  1. Store Valuables. Collect the family valuables in your home that are not used on daily basis. Move these items to a safe deposit box or invest in a at-home safe.

  • Don’t forget about electronic

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When you’re moving to a new home close to the holidays, you probably won’t be completely unpacked and settled in when the Christmas arrives. You’ll still have things in boxes and crates, and trying to get everything set up on tight timelines during the already stressful holidays and moving activities is difficult at best. But you’ll still want to decorate and add some holiday cheer. Here are a few fun and easy ways to decorate even if you’re still living out of suitcases and sorting through moving boxes.

DIY: Add Touches of Nature

Use nature as your inspiration and make pinecone ornaments by spraying glue and sprinkling glitter on them and tying gold string on the end to hang them. Gather small twigs together with ribbon and an ornament for a door

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Sometimes during the holidays we forget to take all the preventative measures we should take in order to keep our homes safe while away traveling. Nobody wants to come home from traveling over the holidays to a broken in house with missing valuables!

Cortiers is going to give you some tips on what to do to protect your home and belongings during this holiday season.

While You’re Away:
A quiet house screams “WE’RE TRAVELING” to thieves. Try to avoid the fact that you’re traveling; keep your garage closed when loading your car and have lights set on timers. Do not post on social media that you are planning to travel.

While You’re Home:
Do not leave expensive gifts in plain view for thieves. Keep these hidden away. Close your blinds or keep your

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One of the biggest hurdles to overcome as a new homeowner is the daunting task of landscaping. Many rookie homeowners think that they can just throw on some grass and a few flowers and everything will come together. But the reality is that a well manicured front yard takes work to keep it looking good, and a good looking lawn can have a huge impact on curb appeal if and when homeowners eventually decide to sell.

Full Awareness

Remember that your yard is going to be seen from multiple angles. Before you begin, take a walk around your new home and look at the different areas from all directions to get some ideas. Stand on the sidewalk directly in front of your home and then go across the street. You’d be amazed how different your yard can look with

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Welcome to 1809 Anita! This house has lots and lots of space and a new roof.   There are four bedrooms and a game room all of good size and waiting to be filled again! In the backyard you will find a large pecan tree with a storage/shed.   There is a basis for a wonderful garden with lots of established plants. This property is being sold as is.   Come take a look at this property today! --------------------------------------------------------------
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Here are some tips, thanks to, that will keep your home in tip top condition for the winter:

Furnace Inspection
Have your furnace inspected and clean the ducts. Make sure you check furnaces monthly and stock up on furnace filters. Switching your thermostat for a programmable thermostat is also recommended. Remove anything that could be flammable near your furnace.

Prepare Your Fireplace
Don’t forget to screen or cap the top of your chimney so rodents don’t get into it. If you haven’t cleaned your chimney for awhile, either call a chimney sweep or do it yourself! Stock up on chop and/or firewood; store this wood in a dry place somewhere in your home. Check your fireplace damper for opening and closing.

Check the Exterior Doors and

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You don’t need a huge spending budget to spice up your home before the selling season! Invest a little in the right places and get big results. Here are some home improvements that you want to look into to add value to your home.

Install Vanity Toilets & Cabinets:
According to, minor updates to your bathroom can turn into a 172% return on investment. Toilets are easy to install over existing plumbing. Look for water-save models that will be appealing to energy-conscious buyers and save on your water bills! If you’re wanting to do something out of the ordinary and creative, save a lot of money by using a vintage dresser as the foundation for a vanity. Connect the pipes and cut out room on the top and you’re good to go!

Paint a Room

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How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Living in Texas allows us to experience a wide variety of weather, from scorching summers to rainy hurricane seasons. During the winters we get to experiences a handful of icy days. To help you be prepared for a Texas winter, we have compiled some tips and tricks for your home!

Protect your Pipes
When there is potential for a freeze in your area make sure to wrap up your pipes to prevent them from freezing.

Check your Heater
Have your heater inspected in advance to make sure everything is working properly. You wouldn’t want to find out that your heater needed maintenance during the first week of winter weather.

Trim the Trees
Trim tree branches and dead trees around your home to be protected from falling

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