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When it comes to adding value to your home, some renovations can be more helpful than others. Deciding which projects will add the most value to your home is crucial for those on a budget and looking to maximize selling value. We did some searching and found the five best renovations with the highest return on investments (ROI). 

Replacement Vinyl Siding:

Although this doesn't sound like a major renovation, a $9,000 replacement of siding can $8,000 to the asking price. This results in an 89% ROI.

Major Bathroom Remodel:

Many consider redoing a major bathroom as one of the best renovations you can do. A $13,000 renovation can get a return of $11,000, which is 85%.

Vinyl Window

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Are you new to the Bryan/College Station area? Are you looking for fun things to do? Here are some fun ideas for new or old residents to experience with friends and family!

Texas A&M Bonfire Memorial
This is something that represents great meaning at Texas A&M University. It is located on campus and is part of the many traditions that are held dear at A&M. This Memorial is dedicated to the lives that were lost the day of the 1999 Bonfire Collapse. It is quite a site to see if you have some spare time on your hands. If you are just interesting in reading up more about it visit it's website right HERE! 

Texas A&M Campus Tours
Texas A&M Campus is a really fun and interesting place to see even if you aren't a student or a prospective student. If you ever

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Selling your home is an undertaking and without the right information, it can seem overwhelming. But before you dive into the process, make sure that you and your home are prepared for what comes next!

Hire a professional to inspect your home

Though the eventual buyers will ultimately hire a home inspector, it pays to know what they are going to find first. The heads-up that you receive helps prevent your sale process being held up by unseen issues.

In addition, home inspections provide other benefits:
           - Allows you to make repairs and address other problems
           - Boosts your credibility and trustworthiness with buyers

Find and hire a real estate agent

Selling is an exhausting process that can be like taking on a second

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Come see this 5 bedroom, 3 bath house situated on over a half acre lot in the College Hills Woodlands subdivision!
Currently leased for $2300/month through July 2015.
Just down the street from Texas A&M University, this house is great for your student and as an investment!
Don't miss this fabulous opportunity!
------------------------------------------------------------- For more information on this listing click here.
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If you are thinking about making a large purchase such as a home, your credit score is very important. Your credit score determines whether or not you will qualify for the loan you may need to buy the home. You may be thinking, I’m not sure that my credit is up to par.

Here are some ways to help improve your credit score:

Pay your bills on time. If you are paying your bills on time, continue to do so. Staying consistent and current is a major booster for your score. If have missed some payments, get those payed off and then begin to stay current as soon as possible.

There is such thing as good debt. Large debts that you have been consistent in paying are considered good debt. The longer your history of solid payments the better your score will

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The transition from being a renter to becoming a home owner is exciting, but comes with it's share of risks. Most new home owners apply for loans to assist with the costs associated with purchasing a home, and this process often puts potential home owners at increased risk for identity theft. This does not have to be the case, however, if first time home buyers take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their identity throughout the home buying process.

Proactive Protection

Before you even being the loan process, take a look at your credit report and make sure your score and the agencies listed on your report are as you expected and recognizable. Make sure there aren't any agencies reporting to the credit bureau that you aren't aware

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Are you up for the adventure? 

Make sure to check out the Urban Slide when it comes to College Station!

Join the fun as you ride on this 1,000 ft Slip n’ Slide!
After completing registration riders have their choice of a 1 time, triple, or 5 time slide (costs varies) during the day.

When: May 2nd- May 3rd Where: Wolf Pen Creek Time: Day slides: 11 am - 6 pm          Night slides: 8 pm -10 pm
For the more adventurous riders a special “Glow in the Dark Night Rider” ride offer is available. There is also a great offer for those who want to volunteer at the event: a free tube and a slide at half the price!

Purchase your tickets here: Find answers to your questions…
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This home is a rare find full of upgraded features and in a great location!

This spacious home includes 4 beds and 3 baths, a bonus room, a second living/media room, and a loft area.

It also features a large walk-in pantry, his and her master closets, a remote control fireplace, vaulted ceilings, and much more. 

The home is located near athletic fields, a playground, a swimming pool, and a brand new splash pad.

No home should ever be built directly behind you because of the large greenbelt behind the home! 

Come see this one of a kind home in this unbeatable location today!


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When searching for a home, one can often be caught up looking for the perfect home, while forgetting about the neighborhood. The “perfect” home will not be too perfect if the neighborhood is not right for you.  Because we know you want the best of both worlds here are 3 things to keep in mind while searching for that perfect neighborhood.

1. Musts and Maybes

When searching for the right neighborhood, make sure you to keep your priorities straight.  Comfort and security are necessities.  Although that neighborhood with the gorgeous swimming pool may seem nice, the noise that accompanies it during the summer might drive you insane!  Be sure to list your top priorities out before personally visiting the neighborhood.

2. Visit Neighborhoods

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Being a first-time homeowner is a unique experience. Compared to renting, you now have much more on your plate if you want to keep your home in tip-top condition. There’s a lot to remember that comes with the responsibility of homeownership, and some of the smaller seasonal to-dos and maintenance items can easily slip your mind.

Of course, unexpected emergencies will always arise, but if you follow this seasonal checklist, you’ll be as prepared all year long.

Winter Reminders

A few reminders for the winter season:

  • Replenish your emergency kit and stock up your pantry.
  • Replace water and ice filters in your fridge.
  • Switch off outdoor faucets to prevent freezing and burst pipes.
  • Be on alert for damage or potential problems caused by
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