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Whether you're designing for yourself or staging a house to put on the market, decorating a small space presents a challenge. The goal is to maximize a small living space without sacrificing comfort, functionality or visual appeal. You want to design the space so the last thing people notice about the home is the petite size. Before you tackle your small house project, check out these seven design tips.

1. Take advantage of wall-mounted technology.

Anything you can move off of counters and onto the walls will help de-clutter a small space. There is no need to forgo modern technology, you just need to seek compact or wall-mounted versions of the technology you want. Most flat screen televisions come with a wall-mount option; you can also mount

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money house photo.jpgSetting back enough money is a crucial part of buying a new home. Below is a summation of the costs associated with closing a deal.

Earnest Money Deposit

Earnest money deposits are used to ensure the seller that the prospective homebuyer is serious about their offer. The deposit amounts vary, but are usually around 1-3% of the home’s purchase price. If the sale goes through, the deposit is added toward your downpayment. In the case that you back out unexpectedly, the money is lost to the seller.

Down Payment

Down payments are the most expensive up front costs when buying a home. Some lenders will allow you to go as low as 5 or 3.5% on your down payment, but the ideal rate is around 10-20%. The higher your downpayment, the lower your future

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17515 Lariat Lane
College Station, Texas

5 Beds | 3 Baths | 3,480 sq. ft. | 1.14 Acres | $579,900 | MLS # 16002881


Gorgeous 5 bedroom, 3 bath Saddle Creek home on 1.14 acres features a split floor plan with an open concept. A great floor plan for gatherings. The living room has an impressive limestone fireplace with beautiful rustic mantel. The kitchen boast with granite surfaces, stainless steel appliances, prep island, gas stove & large pantry. You'll find granite double vanities in the master suite as well as a jetted tub, separate shower, walk in closet & a sitting area. The downstairs is covered in a beautiful rich brown hard wood flooring and tile. The home also has a desirable study with a window overlooking the front of the

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So you decided to hire an agent to list your home, what next? Often sellers are unsure of their role in this process and don’t know what to expect in regards to their responsibilities. Below, we’ll discuss what you should expect your role to be as the client.

Preparing Your Home

Even though your realtor can provide you with tips to better the appearance of your home, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure it is in top condition. This includes making sure all areas of the home are thoroughly cleaned and decluttered, even your junk closet! It is also your responsibility as the client to keep the home odor-free, and remove any personal items to allow buyers to envision themselves in the space.  

Keeping it Available

It is your agent's…
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Are you wanting to build your next home, but don’t really know where to start? It seems like there a millions things to consider before you can make any progress. Don’t stress, here are some tips to help you start!

  • Look at various floor plans.

Are you wanting a one story or two story? How many bedrooms? Open kitchen? Homes nowadays consist of lavish floor plans which you may not even thought of! It is important to choose a floor plan that will work best for you.

  • Find an experienced agent.

It is important to connect with an agent that has experience with home builders. An agent will be crucial in teaching you how to structure your offer to a home builder. They will have the experience to know what will be the

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2017 could be a great year for selling a home. 2016 was the best existing-home sales year since 2006, with 5.45 million sales, the National Association of Realtors reported in January. This growing demand was coupled with record-low supply, pushing home values up to a median of $232,200 in December, an increase of four percent since December 2015.

If you’re looking to capitalize on these trends in 2017, you may be considering home renovations. Renovations can sometimes add value to your home, but before you invest in them, here are some things you should know about the dos and don’ts of pre-sale renovations.

Do: Insulate Your Attic with Fiberglass

Each year, Remodeling publishes a cost vs. value guide ranking which home renovations add the most

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For those of you not fluent in real estate lingo, curb appeal refers to the attractiveness of your house from the outside. Curb appeal can greatly hinder or help you when try to sell your home!

Why is curb appeal important?


All our lives we have been told how important first impressions are, especially when it comes to professional events and meeting new people. First impressions give others a taste of what you are like without getting into too much detail and can greatly influence how you are thought of and treated. First impressions of houses are no different - that is why curb appeal is so important.

Curb appeal sets the tone for your entire home because many people associate the condition of the exterior of a house and its

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Laminate flooring is a multi-layer, synthetic flooring product that simulates wood. Although there are many pros to having laminate flooring, there are several common problems that can come along with it.

Laminate Problems and How to Fix Them:


Peaking is an expansion problem. Floors and walls expand and contract based on the weather, humidity and other things. When flooring expands against doorways, molding, or walls, it can buckle. This can be fixed by taking out the molding to let the floor expand and even out.

2. Water/Moisture-induced warping/buckling

Dampness, either from humidity or water, can cause laminate flooring to buckle or warp. A balancing layer can help to even out the flooring.

3. Mildew, mold, and other

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Selling your home can be tricky, but reading these mistakes from past sellers can help you in your process of selling your home and making the process easier. Hopefully you will learn from these tips and get your house off the market!


An Overpriced Home

Price is a huge factor in selling your home and if your home is overpriced, not matter what; a buyer will not be interested. So, make sure you sit down with your agent and know what price market your home is in!

Showing Availability

It is key to selling your home that you home is ready to show at any time. Have your home ready at any moment to show to a potential buyer because if you are not ready they can find something else instead of looking at your home.

Cluttered Space

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The winter season is a time where you and your family can cozy up in your home and enjoy the indoor warmth of the season. Keep winter a pleasant time in your home — take care of any fixtures or systems within your house that could be damaged in the cold weather. Keep your home well maintained through examination and repair of potential plumbing, critter, caulking and heating problems. Here is a comprehensive checklist of what should be maintained in your home during the winter months:

Frozen Pipes

Changing temperatures can make your water pipes expand and contract, stressing the metal and causing ruptures. Make sure your pipes are well insulated so you don’t encounter frozen pipe damage. One method of prevention is to insulate your pipes well with a

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