Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover ALL the Stuff in Your Storage Unit?

Posted by Cortiers Real Estate on Monday, July 20th, 2015 at 10:23am.

Homeowners Insurance typically covers at least some of the stuff in your storage unit. Although, there are certain situations in which your storage may be only partially covered or not covered at all.

When you put your assets in storage make sure they are insured
It is easy to make the mistake of putting your property into storage assuming it's covered. Most Homeowners Insurance do cover off premises properties from fires, theft, damages, and things like that. There are some Homeowners Insurances that don't cover your stored assets and you need to double check with your Insurance company and make sure that your property is covered before you put it into storage.

Ask your Insurance Professional about off premises coverage
Your Insurance professional will not only be able to tell you if your items are insured but will also be able to tell you the policy of the coverage. It is important to know when your property will be covered in certain situations such as fires, floods, earthquakes, mold, mildew, and things like that.

Be aware of your Insurance Policy Limits
Homeowners Insurance can cover all of the stuff in your storage unit if the value of your stored assets don't exceed the money that covers it. Although, there are some Homeowners Insurances that don't cover your stored assets, and you'd need to purchase a separate insurance plan for your stored items. Some storage facilities might offer insurance in the case that you would need to purchase a separate plan of insurance for your stored items.

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