Top Mistakes Sellers Make

Posted by Cortiers Real Estate on Monday, December 7th, 2015 at 11:07am.

Top Mistakes Sellers Make 


There are plenty of mistakes both sellers and buyers can make when it comes to real estate. Be sure you are aware and have researched everything you need to do beforehand!

Read this list of common mistakes sellers make to avoid any mishaps in the future!

1. Overpricing your home
Trust your realtor with pricing your home! They will check similar houses in your neighborhood and compare them. Constantly reducing the price of your house could easily lead to unwanted speculations from potential buyers!

2. Overdoing home improvements
There is a fine line between staging your home and over staging it! Do not make your home feel too pristine or too cold. It is important the buyers walk in and it already feels like a home. It will make it easier for them to visualize their future in it!

3. Not getting a home inspection before listing
Odds are the buyers will get one too. While it’s not required, it is useful if you decide to get one before - this way you can envision any potential problems and fix them in advance! You will be able to handle the repairs or fixes rather than having someone else hire people on your dime.

4. Withholding information
The buyers will find any problems eventually so you might as well build trust and a relationship by being upfront and honest about the property!

5. Not proofreading the closing statement
It is critical to review the closing statement with your agent to ensure that no surprise costs or fees come up that you are unaware of.

6. Letting pets spoil the sale
Pets add clutter that you may find charming and homey, but your buyer may not! They create smells and messes that will be difficult to remove before each showing.

Any realtor will make you aware and let you know what you need to do when selling your home!

If you are looking for someone to trust, check out our Cortiers realtors and any of them would be more than happy to assist!

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